Date: 18-08-2004
Time: 19:03 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Type: Multicell
Documented by: Mark Seltzer
Equipment: Samsung VP-H65 Video Camera
Fujifilm FinePix A310 Digital Camera
Footage Quality:

Storm Statistics: T0054.doc
Event Timeline: T0054events.xls

T0054 was the monster that came in behind T0053 just 2 hours after. The cell was spotted on the horizon before it came with explosive towers developing. Looking at the weather radar on TV weather forecasts, it looked as if it was an independent cell forming behind the main trough of showers that produced T0053. It was clear that this was more organised and probably associated with some strong convergence or even a new pool of cool sinking air.

When it got closer a strong and defined arcus cloud (or roll-cloud) was evident all the way along the west horizon.

There was a constant background rumble of thunder caused by weak discharges taking place just behind the arcus cloud that were only visible as very faint flashes. I was expecting to see some C-Gs from under the arcus but throughout the entire storm I didn't witness one single strike of the like.

As it got closer the arcus cloud demonstrated classic “Whales Mouth” formation dominating the skies and looked incredibly dramatic.

The hidden low-amp lightning continued in between the roll-cloud and the rain curtain until finally giving way to a large smooth downdraft base in which large C-Cs started to spark all over the show with return strokes and new leaders. The C-Cs were still of low-amp nature but they looked good and were bright compared to T0053.

This was one of the most fully-documented storms I have filmed in terms of characteristics. The thunderheads were clearly visible and were mushroomed, giving away strong and defined updrafts. Then the dark arcus roll-cloud pushed in with the Whales Mouth formation, then a splash of C-C lightning within the core parts of the cell. Then to finish it off, the dormant thunderhead sat opposite the sunset. All it needed was a rainbow to put the icing on the cake!

VISIBLE 18.08.2004 15:44

VISIBLE 18.08.2004 15:44 + Grid
INFRARED 18.08.2004 15:44
INFRARED 18.08.2004 15:44 + Grid
COLOUR 18.08.2004 15:44
COLOUR 18.08.2004 15:44 + Grid

T0053 was embedded in the arc of convection seen across the Midlands, whilst T0054 is shown brewing in a new line of convection positioned western Wales.