Date: 26-08-2000
Time: 01:32 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Type: Large Frontal Multicell
Documented by: Mark Seltzer
Equipment: Samsung VP-H65 Video Camera
Footage Quality:

Storm Statistics: T0035.doc
Event Timeline: T0035events.xls

This was a classic Spanish Plume system bringing some of the heaviest thunderstorms to Western England and Wales in a while. The storm cell that came closest to Macclesfield appeared to be the core development region which reached its peak as it approached the Pennines, probably enhanced further by the orography.

The whole night was a repeat performance of T0026. We had a few dissipating cells roll in first, giving a few C-Gs and C-Cs with evidence of Anvil Crawlers looking in between stratocumulus and high-based cloud ahead of it.

Then the back edge (south side) of the cell cluster came in rich in severe I-C and return strokes. The whole multicell was enormous looking at the radar and satellite imagery at the time. However as T0026 did, it rolled over and behind the Pennines nowhere near Macclesfield giving almost continuous I-C lightning with return strokes, which was a spectacular sight from a distance but merely appeared like a distant night-raid in a war zone. Like T0026 it had an average discharge rate of 6-8 seconds at times, however the display was a little better than that of T0026 overall. There was a brief downpour of rain in the Macclesfield area as it left the area and extremely gusty winds.

The same front (as it was now stationary over the spine of the UK), would later help the development of T0036 with its strong upper-level northerly jet adding vorticity to surface-level convection running in from the west at surface level.

INFRARED 25.08.2000 04:46
INFRARED 25.08.2000 04:46 + Grid

VISIBLE 25.08.2000 16:21
VISIBLE 25.08.2000 16:21 + Grid
INFRARED 25.08.2000 16:21
INFRARED 25.08.2000 16:21 + Grid
COLOUR 25.08.2000 16:21
COLOUR 25.08.2000 16:21 + Grid

INFRARED 26.08.2000 04:34
INFRARED 26.08.2000 04:34 + Grid
COLOUR 26.08.2000 04:34
COLOUR 26.08.2000 04:34 + Grid

VISIBLE 26.08.2000 06:15
VISIBLE 26.08.2000 06:15 + Grid
INFRARED 26.08.2000 06:15
INFRARED 26.08.2000 06:15 + Grid
COLOUR 26.08.2000 06:15
COLOUR 26.08.2000 06:15 + Grid