Date: 24-05-1995    Time: 16:00 BST
Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Storm Stage: Dissipating
Path / Movement:
1 or 2 miles away / Northwards

This is the first thunderstorm I documented. Unfortunately I wasn’t taking it seriously back in 1995 and wasn’t that observant about it.

The storm was originally audio-taped (for the thunder), however the tape was wiped-over because the storm didn't produce anything exciting in terms of acoustics. It was so long ago I was still in the last year of primary school and was actually off on this particular day! It was a bit distant to say the least, but I can remember the skies being unusually brown and smooth in texture. It was electrically weak and there wasn't that much in the way of precipitation either. It must have been drifting past the area and not directly overhead. I was only viewing the storm cloud through a window pointing towards the Pennines to the east so there may have been a substantial amount of interesting stuff I missed.

To be honest I am not sure why I even logged it as a T-number in the storm archive. However by the time I had filmed some decent storms I realised changing the numbers of all the storms wouldn't be a constructive use of time, so I just left this one in as it is. There are some Dundee satellite "quick-looks" below to enhance the T0001 file. Looking at these it is clear the storm was frontal in nature and would explain the smooth surfaces and weak intensity. It looks like a cold front/occlusion slowly making progress across the country bringing some strong instability with it.

VISIBLE 24.05.1995 08:48

INFRARED 24.05.1995 08:48
COLOUR 24.05.1995 08:48

VISIBLE 24.05.1995 13:53
INFRARED 24.05.1995 13:53
COLOUR 24.05.1995 13:53