30th July 2014
Time for some updating
Its been a while, and I have a lot of new footage which has mostly ended up on youtube. Life has been busy but I haven't forgotten about the web! So its time for some updates! I've removed the message board, mainly because no one used it. That's enough for one year! ;) Enjoy!

JAN 2012 -
Its been a while, but I'm back! Some new footage from the states is queued for adding, some of which is now on my updated YOUTUBE channel.
SEPT 2008 -
T0057 page uploaded
24/08/2008 -
Permission given by Georg Müller of wetterzentrale.de for use of spherical (lightning) charts on website
AUGUST 2008 -
T0048, T0050, T0056, PS0003, PS0004 pages uploaded
JULY 2008 -
Links, Lightning Types pages updated. Several continuous updates to archive article content as June. Exchanged links with A1gifts.co.uk. Convective Towers, T0046 and T0047 pages uploaded
JUNE 2008 -
T0022,26,28,30,31,32,34,35,37,38,39,45 PS0006 and Cloud Shapes pages  uploaded. T0049,51, Site Map and Highlights pages updated
26/05/2008 -
Ps0002 page updated, T0044 page uploaded
25/05/2008 -
T0036,40,41,42,43 and Ps01,05 pages updated
24/05/2008 -
T0023,24,25,27,29 & 33 pages updated
21/05/2008 -
"About Ravenstorm" page and credits updated
20/05/2008 -
T0021 & Winter Shots Pages uploaded
18/05/2008 -
LHS menus adjusted and CO2 links uploaded
30/04/2008 -
Ranks created in message board
07/04/2008 -
Message Board V.3 up and running. www.ravenstorm.co.uk/messageboard.

29th March 2008
Change of WebHosts and fresh start to Latest News
As of this week the web-host for ravenstorm.co.uk has changed hands to dataflame.co.uk, a trusted and highly recommended web-host based in Verwood, Dorset, UK. This has involved the movement of the entire website resulting in temporary downtime. Also the ever so popular (ha ha) forum has been disabled until it can be set up again. However on the up-side there is now more bandwidth available for the domain, and it appears to operate a lot faster. Technical support is also excellent, I would highly recommend this company if you are thinking about starting your own website up (and I haven't been paid to say that!). Click the link below for more info. Mark Seltzer